Traffic control system is used for traffic data monitoring, traffic signal control and traffic management computer system. The traffic signal lamp is our common traffic management system.



IT Background

Main IT components

Information collection: Ultrasonic vehicle detector, infrared beacon, image processing vehicle detector, radar vehicle detector, travel time measuring terminal and camera

Information supply: Character information board, formulated information board, variable message board, variable road sign, parking guidance system, preset message board, roadside radio transmitter, personal traffic information service

How does it work? (diagrams are good)
Traffic control system structure diagram
Control (signal controller)


Impact on Society

Primary Stakeholders


Advantages of System

Please note which stakeholders these advantages are applicable to
  • Reduces traffic congestion by accurate signal controller operation to suit prevailing traffic conditions, and by providing drivers with traffic information via traffic message boards and travel time boards.
  • Reduces traffic accidents by smoothing traffic flow and using message boards to show drivers travel times to specified destinations
  • Reduces traffic pollution. System reduces the number of vehicle's stopping due to traffic congestion to cut exhaust gas and noise emitted in stopping and starting vehicles, thus reduces traffic pollution.
  • Saves energy and preserves the environment. System makes traffic flow smoother and reduces travel time to destinations to save energies such as gasoline and light oil

Social and Ethical Issues

Please note which stakeholders these issues are applicable to:
1. If hacker hack the traffic control system, hacker will be able to stole the information of the system. Get access to all camera and detector, use the record from the camera to
trace their target,the plate number and it is a security concern
2. A reliability issue might be that the information collected from the camera and detector is not accurate because the shot is not clear, the machine is broken or other human factors.


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