Step 1: Example of Pharming Threat (Zac)

Find recent news items (within the last 2 years) of your internet threat (Olly & Colin need to look at different examples as do Zachary and Stephen - so you need to talk). Make sure that the news item has some of the techinical background however be prepared to do further research for step 2.

Here are the links:

Summary of the internet threat:
  • who did it happen to?
  • what happened?
  • where (this is important and I suggest you get a map of the world and shade in the areas that are affected)
  • when did this happen?

Step 2: IT Background - how does it work?

Try to give a step-by-step IT explanation of how the internet threat was carried out. Diagrams are good! Ask Muhammad to help you and to check understanding. This is NOT a computer science report but you should give enough detail so that someone who has some technical knowledge understands your explanation.

Step 3: Explain the Impact

Find out about the impact of the internet threat. You may answer questions such as:
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • How were they affected?
  • What were the short term problems/consequences?
  • Are there any longer term impacts?
  • Overall, how bad is this threat?

Step 4: Possible Solutions

  • Please describe ONE technical and ONE non-technical solution to the internet threat.
  • Evaluate each solution
  • Compare the solutions
  • Which one is better and why?

Please acknowledge your sources by linking throughout the document