Glossary for ITGS

This is a collaborative glossary created within this wiki. It is formed by using the widget for 'List of wiki pages' and the tag 'glossary'. Each glossary word or term has it's own wiki page on this wiki. Follow these instructions when adding a new item:
  • Select a term from the list below (make sure you delete it from the list).
  • Create New Page on this wiki using the Glossary Template
  • Tag the new page with 'glossary' as well as any other terms appropriate for the topic/word
  • Fill in the template as best you can
  • Use <ref> tags to cite sources. See Citing Source

Use the Computer Confluence Glossary as a guide and starting point
Contribute to the Inside ITGS Glossary Wallwisher and claim your Glossary Term/Word/Phrase!

Select terms from this list:

*Delete from this list when you have selected one *
message boards
RDF (resource description framework) site summary feeds
RSS (really simple syndication) feeds
Inline and floating graphics