Guidelines for participating in 'Inside ITGS'

Inside ITGS is a collaboration between classrooms globally who are completing the International Baccalaureate subject called Information Technology in a Global Society. The collaboration started in August 2010 when two classrooms led by Julie Lindsay at BISS and Madeleine Brookes at WAB decided to flatten their learning environment and combine classes and create an online learning community.

Registration Protocol

Teachers and students interested in joining Inside ITGS are asked to observe the following protocols
  • Teachers are invited to contact Inside ITGS organisers to join the Inside ITGS Ning and Inside ITGS wiki
  • Teachers will be given organiser status on these spaces so they can approve their students to join
  • Naming protocol for users: FirstName_SchoolID eg Violet_BISS
  • Teachers are to approve their students only after verifying their identity through the online profile
  • Students who wish to join independently of their teacher must contact organisers for permission and have their identity verified by their school

Global Digital Citizenship

All members of the Inside ITGS learning community are global digital citizens. Students and teachers alike are asked to read, discuss, reflect and observe these points.

As defined by the Relationship between students and teachers cohort, Team 1, at Learning 2.010 and as adopted by Inside ITGS organisers:

A global digital citizen is -
  1. Someone who is open and curious. Is proactive and open-minded, wanting to drive their own learning forward with the use of technology. (open-minded, inquirers, risk-takers)
  2. Someone who knows his or her identity and is aware of their digital footprint and actively explores, creates and promotes it by building communities of like-minded people; thereby, breaking down walls metaphorically and physically. Understands and uses the power of multiple technological devices with a defined direction and sense of purpose as a tool to self improve, educate, share and inspire (risk-taker, caring)
  3. Someone who is aware and mindful of themselves, their community and the big picture of the world around them. Is someone who has a thirst for cultural awareness and social networking in order to gain knowledge about the world that surrounds him or her (inquirers, knowledgeable)
  4. Someone who can communicate their views, feelings and ideas respectfully and responsibly online. Develops a greater sense of empathy, collaboration, innovation, curiosity and responsibility when exploring the world through digital media (caring, inquirer, principled)

Teacher Guidelines

In order to maintain a thriving learning environment that is rich with appropriate discussion and sharing, ITGS teachers who are invited to join the Inside ITGS community are expected to observe the following:
  • Teachers will be added to the Ning and the Wiki first, and made organisers so that they can approve their students into these spaces. New students are to be approved by their own teacher
  • Each school is invited to add introductory material to the wiki, and each participant is expected to add relevant details about school and country to their Ning profile
  • Teachers are expected to be active online and monitor student participation, not only of their own students but all members of the community. What does this mean?
    • Spend some time each week on the Ning and wiki reading and responding to student work, not just your own students
    • Be active and post discussions, multimedia, blog posts etc to the Ning and invite response
    • Notify other teachers via the Inside ITGS Google Group of any issues found in the online learning spaces e.g. inappropriate language or images. Our method here is simple:
      • Screenshot offending material
      • Share with teacher of the student, or teacher Google group, or Inside ITGS organisers
      • If warranted take down the offending material immediately (or as soon as possible)
      • Classroom teacher is to decide on discipline measures and make recommendations to organisers
      • In serious cases students can be banned
  • Collaboration and project guide:
    • Initially all material uploaded to the wiki is being created by ITGS organisers, Lindsay and Brookes
    • ITGS teachers are welcome to use this in their own classroom, with acknowledgment back to it's source
    • Requests for specific class collaborations will go through the Google group
  • Posting work on the Ning (and wiki)
    • Work is to be original at all time OR creative commons license with proper citations.
    • Teachers are once again asked to monitor students on the Ning for images and videos that are not original