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Students will be asked to regularly present a tech news item to their class, and then to write a blog post on the Inside ITGS ning for everyone in the Inside ITGS community to share. Follow these steps in order to complete this task:
  1. Review your RSS reader for news items (or search Google and other search engines), or us the article provided in class.
  2. After selecting a news item prepare a 2-3 min talk and/or a blog post covering these points:
    • Criterion A:
      • What is the issue arising from the IT system?
      • Who are the primary stakeholders involved in this issue?
      • What is the relationship of one of primary stakeholders to the IT system?
    • Criterion B:
      • Have you described a detailed step-by-step process that shows a clear understanding of how the IT system works?
      • Are the major components of the IT system identified?
      • Does your explanation show how the IT issue came about? (Which of the steps directly relates to the issue and why?)
      • Is the relationship between the IT system referred to in the article and the concern presented in criterion A explained using appropriate ITGS terminology.
    • Criterion C:
      • Have you described the impact of the social/ethical issues on the stakeholders?
      • (Have you described the advantages and disadvantages for each of the primary stakeholders)
      • Have you analysed the impact and identified any further problems?
      • Have you evaluated the impact?
      • Is there appropriate use of ITGS terminology?
    • Criterion D:
      • Have you described an appropriate solution to one problem (disadvantage) that has been identified in C?
      • Have you looked at both the strengths and weaknesses of your solution?
      • Have you looked at areas for future development?
      • Is there appropriate use of ITGS terminology?
  3. Sharing your work:
    • Respond to a Forum discussion on the Inside ITGS Ning with your suggestions/answers to the above Criteria (for a teacher-provided news item)
    • Write your own blog post from the start or after reviewing all discussion on the Forum and researching more widely about the topic
  4. Upload the video for your talk and/or add a written blog post clearly summarizing the points made. Don't forget to tag your blog post: 10.0_website_news AND add a contextual link to your news item URL.
  5. Please inform your teacher of your entry so that they can make a comment.

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