How to do a Paper 2

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Students from 3 schools: WAB, BISS and Kristin School in IB1 class (that is the first year of IB), will work together in teams to produce a good model answer for a Paper 2 question.
  1. There will be 3 different news items - each centred on an issue arising in the area of impact: Education
  2. One teacher will be responsible for one paper (Mrs Brookes - WAB - for P2-X, Mrs Lindsay - BISS - for P2-Y and Mr Churches - Kristin - for P2-Z)
  3. Students in each class will be given one of the 3 news items meaning that 1/3 of the class will be working on the same news item (but individually).
  4. Once the student has completed their individual draft, an electronic copy must be submitted to the teacher responsible for that news item. Any commonly used text format is acceptable: email, .txt file, word document, emailed evernote.
  5. Teams comprising 3 students, ideally one from each school, will be created and the teams will combine their individual drafts and take note of the feedback from the teacher to improve and produce a single final draft which can be used as a model answer. This model will be created on a page set up in this wikispace.
  6. The teacher will mark (perhaps with help from class) and use the comments tool in the edit bar to provide feedback.

Paper 2 is based on an unseen news item where students respond to 4 criteria:
A - presentation of the issue
B - IT background of the issue
C - The impacts of the issue
D - A solution to problems arising from the issue


News Item assigned to individual students
May 16 - 20
Friday May 20
Wednesday 18 May
Monday 16 May
Individual draft to be submitted to assigned teacher
By Friday May 27
May 27
Monday 23 May
Friday 20 May
Feedback from teacher, creation of teams & wikispace pages (using template) 1 per team
P2X Wiki, P2Y Wiki, P2Z Wiki
Between May 30 - June 3

Group submission of final draft (in allocated wikispace page)
By June 10

Feedback from Teachers - using comments in wikipace page
By June 15


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