Welcome to Inside ITGS

Information Technology in a Global Society

UPDATE - This wiki contains material used to teach ITGS in a flattened learning mode from 2010-2012. It has been written about in the book by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis, 'Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time', Pearson 2012, available from Amazon.

This wikispace is part of the InsideITGS cyber-classroom set up by two ITGS teachers in Beijing, China: Julie Lindsay at BISS and Madeleine Brookes at WAB.

What is InsideITGS?

InsideITGS started as a collaboration between the two schools in August 2010. The project starts with the introduction of the new ITGS guide and the journey is a collaboration between teachers and students. We welcome all ITGS teachers and students who would like to share and join us along the way.

What is the InsideITGS cyber-classroom?

The web 2.0 tools we are using are this wiki which is the primary documentation resource for our students: a place where we post our activities and projects, where students and teachers upload and edit notes, tasks and shared artifacts. Simply put - it's our living documentation of the course. We hope that when the time comes for the exams, the students will be able to use this resource to learn, review and revise.

We also have a blog (insideITGS.net) which is our reflections and further in-sight into the project. We invite guest bloggers - so please contribute!

For more learning community development and more informal communication for collaboration tasks, student blogs, and general communication, we use and educational network tool, insideITGS.ning.com