Team 2
Group members
  • Philip (WAB)
  • Kae (BISS)

Philip's Part : 1,2,5,6,10,11,13,15
Kae's Part : 3,4,7,8,9,12,14,16

Your script : for example, 3 - S2 (For slide 3 on ppt, read "S2" below ("google's person finder .. been found"))
3 - S2
4 - "We can't choose one particular ITGS area of impact. However, our specific area of impact are emergency, everyday life and business."
7 - S5, S6
8 - S7
9 - S8
12 - "The top four most significant social and ethical impacts are security, privacy, reliability and equality of access."
14 - S12
16 - S14

You are very welcome to additionally say what you want to mention!

Picture we might use for the presentation team 2

Google's Person Finder

1. IT concept

Earthquake and Tsunami attacked northern parts of Japan. Thousands of buildings have collapsed and incalculable people are pinned under the buildings or floated away from the place they lived by Tsunami. Japanese government as well as international organizations collaborate to accelerate search and rescue victims. Meanwhile, a famous website, Google, has implemented a new technology called Person Finder. /S1

Google's Person Finder is a tool, which helps victims and family locate one another. It allows families to enter an inquiry about a missing person, inquiry general information on a certain person and report someone who has been found. /S2

2. Areas of Impact
(Just as it was used in Japan.)
It can be used in almost every emergency, including kidnap, disappearance, search and rescue, and so on. /S3

Society & Lifestyle.
Google's people finder is not only used in disaster, but also in everyday life. It can be used simply to find a person's phone number and address. /S4

3. Advantage and disadvantage on the main stakeholders.


(Japan's case)
Earthquake victims
Victim's family
Search & rescue party (or any organizations or volunteers.) /S5

(Everyday case)
All who possess computer and Internet.
All whose information has uploaded. /S6


It is much easier for victims to find the lost family.
Survived victim and family may locate one another.
Rescue party may easily identify the one who is rescued./S7

Uploaded information may not be always accurate.
Possibility of fraud. /S8

Everyday life

It is much easy to find someone's information, including phone number and address.
Such information may be utilized, example, for statistic and survey. /S9

Privacy leak.
Personal information maybe used for crime.
False information. /S10

4. Ethical and social issues.

a. Security
Information may be subjected as a criminal target.
Hackers can steal and sell information. /S11

b. Privacy
One's information, one uploaded, is exposed to the world.
It is not really pleasant when everyone with internet access may find out where you live. /S12

c. Reliability
Uploaded information may not always accurate.
Information has to be keep updated. For example, when one move to another city, one must update information. /S13

d. Equality of Access
Not everyone has access to the People finder.
One must have internet access to use the tool. /S14

e. Policies and standards
Google must set policies to prevent privacy leak or any abuse.
This tool should work on every software, including IE, Firefox, Crom and so on. /S15

Maybe two slide on introduction and conclusion.

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