15 in 15 IT Concepts and Issues -Team 5

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Final Slides

( Queena's slides )

15 in 15 IT Concept

TASK: In 15 slides, each slide viewable for 15 seconds, prepare the following -
  • Define the IT concept (2 slides)
  • Give a specific example in an area of impact (2 slides)
  • Highlight the advantages and disadvantages on the main stakeholders (4 slides)
  • Share the top 5 ethical/social issues in order of significance (5 slides)
  • 2 extra slides to put where you want
IT Concept (2 slides) Queena

Title: U.S. robots aid Japanese relief efforts

Two type of robots from US incorporate with Japanese's robotics teams to get in their recovery effort. Two type of robots are PackBots and Warriors.

PackBots - bomb dispersal, recon and other tactical operations. Search for chemical, biological or radiological anomalies.
Warrior-Traverse rubble or wreckage, carry up to 200 pounds
Both remote-controlled from 800 meter far.

PackBots Queena

This robot have 7-foot-long extending arm which has the ability to look under cars, around corners and through windows and place an explosive detector next to a potentially dangerous package.

weighing in at about 40 lbs (18 kg) in the basic Scout configuration

PackBot is the current base model. It uses a videogame-style hand controller to make it more familiar to young men and women


The robot can traverse land at up to (15 km/h) and is capable of carrying up to (227 kg), including 150 lb (68 kg) in its manipulator. Able to climb steps and slopes at up to 45°.
URL: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/TECH/innovation/03/23/robots.japan.relief/index.html

Area of impact (1 Slide) Violet
Emergency situation
People life style

Example(1 Slide) Violet

Main stakeholders Violet
Robot developer
Earthquake victims
Search and rescue team

Advantages(2 Slide) Violet

- The robot is able to get under the rubble quicker.

- Being able to go further with out crushing or disturbing what is underneath,

Disadvantages(2 Slide) Violet

- Who would like to be found by a robot? not being able to talk to them, the victim found may need help.

5 ethical/social issues (5 slide) Queena

Slide 1
( Health issues)
No distinguish ability.
Can’t differentiate human being and rock

Slide 2
(Equality of access )
Useless if robot are not able to sent to affected areas
Damaged areas not able to let boat/plane arrive
Examples: valley or desert island

Slide 3
(Control Issue)
Controller is broken
The signal between the controller and the robot is weak or not working
Become another obstruction

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