Team 6

Group members: Bhargav(BISS) Mariana(WAB)

15 in 15 IT Concept

TASK: In 15 slides, each slide viewable for 15 seconds, prepare the following -
  • Define the IT concept (2 slides)
  • Give a specific example in an area of impact (2 slides)
  • Highlight the advantages and disadvantages on the main stakeholders (4 slides)
  • Share the top 5 ethical/social issues in order of significance (5 slides)
  • 2 extra slides to put where you want

IT concept
The IT concept is the use of social networking sites to raise money for Japan. The Red Cross launched a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Google in order to raise funds to support Japan recover. Most of the people have a social networking account, therefore is the easiest way to help, they can follow the red cross links to donate for Japan. When its online its more easier and we know it is going for good cause and we are not being tricked since its under registered company.

Area of Impact
The area of impact would be Economic. Facebook, twitter, google and apple are supporting Japan financially to recover from the natural disaster. By launching a campaign online and get donation from people to help support Japan.

Advantages & Disadvantages
There are many advantages for asking donation via social networking sites like facebook and twitter.
  • People know what they are donating for.
  • The organization is always trademarked, and copyrighted.
  • If anyone wants to know more about the organization before donated the organization can always provide the correct information.
  • Online fund raising is more easier, because there are many people who have a facebook or Twitter account, so there are more chances to get donations, than go to people's house to ask for donation.
  • By using social networking sites is easier to to be aware of the news and projects of the Red Cross, i.e. If you like Red Cross, you simply search and in Facebook and accept be part of the red cross group.They always post new things like who are they trying to help and where is the money going to.

There are some disadvantages for asking donation via social networking sites and the ways to prevent to be victims of fake organizations
  • People need to know the organization before donate, because sometimes might be a problem in transaction of money like if you donate it goes somewhere else.
  • There are a lot of people who pretend to be a organization and ask donations, later public find out they were money predators.

  1. Don't respond to unsolicited emails from people claiming to be victims of the disaster
  2. Beware of people asking for donations on social networking sites, you need to contributed directly with the organization
  3. Make sure they charity's website s legitimate (Scammers set up fake sites that mimic real charities sites i.e.
  4. Don't give personal information by phone or internet before you check the organization is real.

Ethical/social issues

The Red Cross launched a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Google in order to raise funds to support Japan recover. It's pretty much a given now that con artists will use natural disasters as an opportunity to take advantage of people who want to make donations to help the victims. There are 3 main ethical and social issues involved this are Authenticity, privacy and anonymity and realiability.

Is recommendable to research about the organization, before donating money to any organization,Why? Because scammer's set up bogus sites that mimic real charities' sites, as a consequence this people can optain bank accounts numbers, therefore they steal money. How to prevent this? Be careful with the web sites some of them have misspellings of the organization's name in the URL for example Is unethical and is a social issue as is mentioned before people can steal money from the bank accounts and in some cases the real organization might lose reliability for future projects.
Privacy and anonymity is link to the previews issue, People can donate money using their facebook or twitter accounts but to make the donation they need to enter their credit/debit card. If the page is fake, scammer can get trough your bank account and steal money from it, this violet the privacy of the user also if they make the donation using their social networking account, the scammer can hack the account and get personal information such as address, telephone number, etc. How to prevent this? Authenticate the organization info. (web page, going to the nearest red cross)

Checking the reliability of a website, especially for doing donation is necessary. Some sites can be trusted to give accurate information. However, one way to ascertain the reliability of a website is to search written sources for duplicate information. Additionally, you can look at the main web page of the organization there you can get realiable information also there are some telephones numbers, you can call and have more information before donated. People have the right to be informed of all the details of the donation (where is going, how it will be use, etc.) As is mentioned before if you don't authenticate the page it might be a scammer which will violet your privacy.