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News - Japan earthquake disrupts technology companies - 14th March 2011

Slide 1 - Issue
Slide 2 - Steakholders
Slide 3 - Technology background - Technology and Japan
Slide 4 - Technology background - What the major companies produce
Slide 5 - Technology background - Submarine internet cables
Slide 6 - Impact - Negative - No connection to outside world, internet and telephone
Slide 7 - Impact - Negative - Major companies can't produce their products anymore.
Slide 8 - Impact - Positive - Lessons learned about the earthquakes, solutions can be found
Slide 9 - Impact -------------------------------------------------- TBA
Slide 10 - Solution - More satellite connections
Slide 11 - Solution - Prepare for nature catastrophes to keep producing products.
Slide 12 - Solution -
Slide 13 - Solution -
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Slide 1

Define Japan's electrical appliances industry is very developed, with many famoushigh-tech manufacturer, is the world renowned scientific and technological power. Explain Japan's high-tech production and high-tech production for the world market. Important fact is happen in 2011 year earthquake to affect Japan electronics production.

slide 2

Japan's earthquake to the future impact of technological development.

slide 3

Many of them have had to stop production to carry out safety checks and prospect of rolling blackouts mean further interruptions are likely over the coming weeks. -Example: Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and Canon are among the companies affected. But areas of science and technology developed for the relatively reduced.

slide 4-For the world electronics market

  • Reduced production, product prices rise
  • Damage to sub sea cables could have disrupted the global internet
  • Appears shortage

slide 5-Measures to ease the pressure

  • In order to ensure normal production and operation, and the use of rolling blackouts way.
  • Reduce the use of electronic products

slide 6,7,8,9- Sustained Damage

  • The seas around Japan are a major hub for undersea telecoms cables, forming a critical part of the global internet.
  • Slow down the speed of technological development.
  • IT market economy
  • Other parts of Japan's communication infrastructure have been damaged.