Automatic Teller Machines Assignment

General Goals

  • To encourage students to become more connected with their learning through connections with ITGS peers
  • To develop further the use of Web 2.0 communication tools to collaborate and exchange ideas
  • To develop good research and note taking skills

Subject/Content Specific Goals

Strand 2 Topics

Examining the technical aspects of ATMs such as (but not limited to):
  • 3.1 Hardware (specifically: input/output devices specific to ATMs, mainframes)
  • 3.3 Networks
  • 3.7 Databases

Strand 1 Topics

Introduction to Social and Ethical Issues arising from the use of ATMs such as (but not limited to):
  • 1.2 Security
  • 1.6 The digital divide and equality of access
  • 1.8 Globalization and CD - languages, global connection
  • 1.11 People and Machines

Assignment Stages

  1. Tuning in: Students review general resources on ATMs
  2. Paired Experts: Students work initially in pairs to become 'experts' on a specfic aspect of ATMs (either from Strand 1 or 3); 6 topics/6 pairs in each school
  3. Team Experts: Students share and discuss findings with pair from other school in order to prepare notes and presentation to peers; pairs team up
  4. Presentation: Students present to class including F2F and online discussion sessions; group updates notes accordingly.
  5. Final Assessment: Summative individual assessment to examine knowledge, understanding and higher order thinking skills. (Teachers - if you would like a copy of our test and markscheme, please email us directly as this is a resource that we don't want to make available to students for obvious reasons!)

Stage 1: Tuning In

Visit to an ATM
Resource List
How ATMs work - from howstuffworks website
Mandrake.ATM site - Australian resource
Series of articles from the eHow site:

Stage 2: Collaborative Work

Research and Presentation